TaskRabbit Launches TaskRabbit Metrowest!

You called – We answered.

We’ve had SO many requests for Runners in the Metrowest neighborhoods that we took things one step further and launched TASKRABBIT METROWEST!

This marks the first official local launch of TaskRabbit. Who KNOWS where our next launch might be…it might even be in your neighborhood!

What does this mean for TaskRabbit Members? You will now see a link to MY CITY in the upper right hand corner of TaskRabbit.com. Here, you can switch your city from TaskRabbit BOSTON to TaskRabbit METROWEST.

Members in the Metrowest area can now post their tasks specifically to Metrowest Runners, which means more localized attention and speedier task pick ups.

TaskRabbit is growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS (hop!) Whether you need a Runner to help you build Ikea furniture in the Greater Boston area OR you need coffee from Pete’s Coffee in Newton Center…there’s a Runner for that and they are right around the corner.

Neighbors helping neighbors. It’s who we are and what we do. Spread the love.




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