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The Greatest Article Ever Written About a Start-Up Company.

As a rule, I’m not one to “oversell” things. And I assure you, I’m not overselling this. BostInnovation just wrote a gloriously poetic, insightful and

Thanks, BostInnovation!

Thanks, BostInnovation!

inspirational article about the coolest, most downright amazing start-up company in town! (What do you mean who?!) When we read the article, we heard angels singing. THAT’S how good it is.

If you read this article, your life will be better for having done so. Hand to God, it just might change your life (the same way the Shins did in that Garden State movie.)

Woot! Can you feel the love? We can!

Have a look at this life-altering article of awesomeness here and just TRY to tell me that I oversold it. I think you’ll say “you didn’t sell it hard enough.” To which I might agree.

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