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Boston Sunday Globe

Scott Kirsner did a fabulous write up about RunMyErrand in Sunday’s Boston Globe.  His regular Sunday column Innovation Economy, plugs reader’s into the world of what’s new in Boston, as he shares his pulse on the startup and technology scene.  Past stories about Twitter and Boston’s own ShoeBuy.com give a insightful perspective into the what it takes to start a company, nurture it, and guide it to the point of profitability.  For us, we were thrilled to be able to share the early stages of our story.

So far, the first-time entrepreneur has done just about everything right. She has a great origin story: One night in February 2008, she and her husband, Kevin, were heading out to dinner when they realized there was no food left for their Labrador retriever. Musing over Mexican food about the possibility of a service that would handle small tasks like buying and schlepping a big bag of dog food, Busque used her iPhone to check whether the Web domain RunMyErrand.com was available. She snapped it up, and spent the next few months researching the idea.

June was innovation month here in New England, and there are a lot of great companies here do amazing things.  We find ourselves intertwined in this vibrant startup scene as well, and look forward to growing the business here.

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