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Tweeting up a storm

RUNmyERRAND is tweeting away on Twitter and what fun we are having!  I’ve started to update my labusque account more and more as well, and I think the more I use Twitter, the more I ‘get it’.  Its just one of those things that is difficult to understand until you try it and once you begin to use it, it actually becomes quite addicting.  Some may wonder what the difference between Facebook status updates and Twitter are, because at first glace Twitter just seems like a very small feature of the larger Facebook universe.  Twitter is lean, agile, and apparently has a super top secret business model that will soon be unveiled.  I am a fan.

RUNmyERRAND will be tweeting about all kinds of interesting things, for instance today we talked about the crazy snow storm that was suppose to dump 15+ inches of snow on Boston.  We really only got about 5 to 8, but people still enjoyed being able to post their snow removal errands.  Also, when our Runners are making trips to Ikea or Target, we’ll keep people updated in case they need things too.  Plus its a great way to share our personality with the twitterverse!

Look for a real-time Twitter feed of all RUNmyERRAND’s tweets in the footer of every page on our site!

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