Press Room

RUNmyERRAND has generally been laying low over the past month, but we did pop up in the press a couple times last week.  An article in Xconomy entitled, As Unemployment Rises, “Service Networking” Startups Find Niche Matching Workers With Odd Jobs, did a great job of describing this up and coming service networking trend.

RunMyErrand founder and CEO Leah Busque has an apt term for the new phenomenon: “service networking.”  Even five years ago the technology wasn’t really available to build what we wanted, but with social networking being so popular now, and mobile applications, and all these different ways to facilitate connections, we felt we were on to something—this new standard that we began calling service networking, says Busque.


Another nice little story came out in the South End Times, announcing RUNmyERRAND’s ongoing partnership with Polka Dog Bakery.  The Press Room page on has updated so that you can keep up with all of our exciting news!


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