Congratulations Sweet 16 Task Winners!


Last week we pitted TaskRabbit cities against each other in a battle for best task. With a little Twitter love (#SweetTask), fans chose the winner and two runners up. Boston’s “cover a friend’s office in post-its” Task carried the most votes across Twitter and Facebook, followed by LA’s “impersonate me at a birthday party” and New York’s “find the guy I met on a plane yesterday.”  As you can see, Taskers can help you with much more than your basic home services. 

Congratulations to Boston and to all of this year’s Sweet 16 Tasks!

New York (Runner Up): Find the guy I met on a plane yesterday

San Francisco: Deliver cookies to my (hopefully!) future roommates

Los Angeles (Runner Up): Impersonate me at a birthday party

Boston (Winner): Cover my friend’s office in post-it notes

Washington, D.C.: Set up a Skype date for my long-distance romance

Dallas: Score tickets to the national football championships

Atlanta: Help me set up seasonal yard decorations

Chicago: Wait in line for rare case of beer


Taskernomics Hourly Rate Index: San Francisco Economy Is Booming

When TaskRabbit first started back in 2008, there was a problem: Ikea furniture. Yes, it’s always been affordable and stylish, but it was also a multi-hour assembly nightmare homemakers couldn’t avoid.

Fast-forward to today and TaskRabbit has helped alleviate that nightmare for hundreds-of-thousands of Clients, creating a whole new “market” for furniture assembly.

Since 2008, hundreds of thousands of Ikea furniture pieces have been assembled thanks to our skilled (and patient) Taskers. This got us thinking… can we look at our Taskernomics to derive the value and willingness to pay for furniture assembly in each of our cities? Then, can we use these data to gauge the health of the local economies?

Much like the Big Mac Index, the Taskernomics Furniture Assembly Index (see below) reveals some interesting trends in the state of economies in several US cities as well as London. Using the average hourly rates of Taskers across the marketplace, the index reveals some interesting trends in cities’ willingness to pay for Furniture Assembly.



Spring is here (for most of the country!), so it’s time to put away your snowshoes and dust off that bicycle seat. When Victoria, a “blogger, photographer, photo stylist, design junkie and bonafide flea market queen,” needed help assembling her bike for a spring-themed photo shoot and blog post, she reached out to TaskRabbit to get it done. Tasker Jared was up for the challenge of putting together the three-speed bike and getting Victoria onto the streets of San Francisco to show off her amazing basket of flowers and new bicycle. Let us help you get things done so you can enjoy spring as much as Victoria is!

Bike for spring

photo by cindy loughridge.

TaskRabbit Announces Novel Integration with Amazon Home Services


amazon home services logo

TaskRabbit is announcing today a first-of-its-kind integration with Amazon Home Services, a new platform where Amazon shoppers can hire fully-vetted and insured Taskers for handyman services.

Beginning today, online shoppers who need help with handyman tasks, furniture assembly and product installation can view and compare Taskers’ ratings, reviews and prices before directly hiring them. All Taskers are fully vetted and undergo identity and criminal record checks and every task is insured.

The integration represents the first time Clients can hire and schedule Taskers outside the TaskRabbit mobile and web platforms. Given our Taskers’ extensive handyman experience, having installed more than 40,000 flat-screen TVs and assembled more than 400,000 pieces of furniture over the past 4 years, TaskRabbit was a logical choice for Amazon.

Here’s what you can expect to see when you visit Amazon. When you purchase a flat screen TV or a new dining room table, you will see friendly Tasker faces as you go through the check-out flow. You can browse Taskers profiles, including ratings and reviews, and choose the person you’d like to work with. The entire transaction – including the product and service purchases – stays within Amazon.

“We are excited to see Taskers leverage their years of experience and exceptional reviews on the TaskRabbit platform into new opportunities to help Amazon customers with their handyman services needs,” said Leah Busque, founder and CEO of TaskRabbit. “Taskers now have the opportunity to connect directly with Amazon customers who are browsing the marketplace’s 85 million items that need ‘home servicing.’”

“I’m really excited to be able to be a part of this new offering,” said Tasker Brian Schrier. “I see this as a huge opportunity to grow my business and showcase my Tasking abilities to a massive audience of potential clients who need help getting things done.”

The TaskRabbit integration launches first in the San Francisco Bay Area and will expand to other areas in the coming weeks. There is no membership fee or subscription required to access the service providers.

The pioneer in “service networking,” TaskRabbit provides people and businesses with an easy, trusted and secure way to get both everyday and skilled tasks done. TaskRabbit connects people who need help, with ‘Taskers,’ a network of 30,000 pre-approved and background-checked individuals, who have the time and skills needed to complete the job, letting everyone live smarter. TaskRabbit is a one-stop marketplace for home and office services, including cleaning, handyman tasks, organization, deliveries, and moving help.


Top TaskHacks to Save Time & Money $-)

From NYC to San Francisco and every Task market in between, Clients are hiring Taskers to not only save them time but also money. Check out some of these trending TaskHacks across the country. Clients are saving up to $65.

Share your own Task Hacks on Twitter using #TaskHack and we’ll reward the smartest with the chance to win some complimentary Tasker time!

Typical Cost: IKEA charges $99-$189 for delivery throughout the NYC metropolitan area. Delivery excludes certain larger items and doesn’t include assembly.
TaskHack: Hire a handyman Taskers with a truck (average rate: $50/hr) to do everything, including pick up your order, deliver it and assemble it.
Savings: About 3.5 hours of Tasker time before you reach the typical cost of IKEA delivery services.
Typical Cost: A large bouquet from can cost $125 (not including $30 service fee and taxes) to deliver in Los Angeles.
TaskHack: When you aren’t in town to hand-deliver Mom flowers yourself, hire a Tasker at an average of $20/hr in her neighborhood to pick up two $15 bouquets from your local Whole Foods or florist and deliver a “super bouquet” of flowers. For a special touch, the Tasker can pick up a special card and transcribe a note. Some creative Taskers even sing!
Savings: $65, or less than half the cost of online delivery, assuming the Tasker flower delivery takes less than 1 hour.
Typical Cost: The wait-time for a 6-person table at Rose’s Luxury in Washington D.C. can be 2 hours or more.
TaskHack: Hire a Tasker for as low as $15/hr to put your party’s name on the list.
Savings: 2 hours of wait time and you can easily split the cost of the Tasker ($5/person) when you split the bill.
Typical Cost: U-Haul Charges $20/day + $.89/mile and insurance fees for a pickup truck rental in Chicagoland
TaskHack: If you live without a vehicle, the world of Craigslist is now your oyster! With the help of a Tasker, you can purchase that beautiful antique nightstand or high-end use bike on fire sale without the worry of renting a vehicle. Hire a handyman Tasker with a truck (average $50/hour) so you can avoid the hassle of rental paperwork and insurance. Many Taskers will also help you haul heavier items upstairs and into your home or apartment.
Savings: Avoid a major hassle and liability of renting a truck, plus shop on Craigslist with convenience.
Typical Cost: Local moving services in San Francisco cost $100-$150/hr, with a minimum hour requirement (excluding cost of gas and sometimes a vehicle fee).
TaskHack: Whether you’re moving a few items or an entire house or apartment, a Tasker can help you schlep your stuff for an average of $50/hr (including gas and truck) and will charge you only for the time it takes to move your stuff.
Savings: $25-75/hr or more.

Sweet 16: Best Tasks Around the Country

We got swept up in bracket fever and have pitted 16 TaskRabbit cities against each other in a battle for best task. We picked our favorite 8, and now it’s up to you to determine the winner. Tweet @TaskRabbit and let us know your pick for the city with the best task, including #SweetTask.sweet16_hero

New York: Find the guy I met on a plane yesterday

San Francisco: Deliver cookies to my (hopefully!) future roommates

Los Angeles: Impersonate me at a birthday party

Boston: Cover my friend’s office in post-it notes

Washington, D.C.: Set up a Skype date for my long-distance romance

Dallas: Score tickets to the national football championships

Atlanta: Help me set up seasonal yard decorations

Chicago: Wait in line for rare case of beer

As you can see, we can help you with so much more than your home services. Whatever you need, we can help.


This is one of the sweetest apology notes we’ve ever seen. Amanda is a NYC-based Client who needed to apologize to her boyfriend, and she went over the top with sugar-coated words. She sent Tasker Nicole on a mission to make amends to her sweetheart by instructing her to buy candy with unique messages attached.

  1. Jack’s Links Beef Jerky with a note saying “I’ve been such a JERK”
  2. A bag of Hershey Kisses with note “A hundred kisses from me to you”
  3. A bag of SourPatch Kids with note  “I was only kidding around, didn’t mean for it to turn sour”
  4. A pack of Sweetarts with a note “You’re my only sweetheart”
  5. Baby Bell cheese wheels with note “I don’t care if this is a little cheesy”
  6. A pack of nerds “I know I’m a little nerdy”
  7. A Skor bar “I’ve skored with you as my bf”
  8. Now and laters “I love you now and will always love you later”
  9. A bottle of Mountain Dew “I’ll Dew whatever it takes”
  10. Swedish Fish “You’re the only Fish for me”
  11. Bag of lollipops- “My life would suck without you”


The sweetest news of all is that the apology goody bag worked and Amanda is back in her boyfriend’s good graces. Let’s hope she also included a toothbrush in the bag. We love seeing all the creative ways you’re using TaskRabbit to get things done!