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We’re all about saving you time by handling your home services and taking care of your to-do list. And because we’re so time obsessed, we’re choosing two lucky winners to receive Apple Watches! To be entered to win, simply post a task before midnight on Friday, April 24. We’ll randomly select the winners and wrap the latest Apple craze around their wrists. Even if you don’t win an Apple Watch, you’ll have gained some free time by outsourcing your home services to us. That’s a win in our book!



We’ve recovered from the sugar coma brought on by Easter enough to share this task. Madison is a Client in New York who takes Easter egg hunting very seriously— enough to hire TaskRabbit to hide eggs for her and her friends in Central Park. Tasker Kelly R. was up for the challenge, and after picking up goodies from Madison, stashed the eggs in hard-to-find places in a section of the park. Once the eggs were hidden, Kelly gave the green light to Madison and her friends to begin their hunt. Watching the frenzied search, Kelly commented that Madison and her friends turned it into a competitive sport, much like Taylor Swift’s recent hunt with her brother. Need to get something taken care of? We can help!

Tasker Tips: Basement Makeover

Tasker John P. of the NYC region knows a thing or two about recreating basement spaces. A professional organizer and designer, he’s helped dozens of clients — from Hamptons heiresses and real-life hoarders — reclaim what he calls “the most forgotten space in the home.” Hire John here or find a Tasker like him in your neighborhood.


The basement is perhaps the most underutilized space in the home. I happen to be lucky to live in a large house in the suburbs, with basement space as large as the entire first floor of my home.

When you are planning a basement renovation, make sure that you have a minimum of 7 feet from floor to ceiling, or whatever your local construction codes are. A basement with a short ceiling is best utilized for storage of things like seasonal decorations, and archives of paperwork and family relics. You will feel closed in if the ceiling height is less than 7 feet. Of course, these make great play spaces on rainy days or in the cold of winter for kids!

It is also crucial to ensure that you have a very dry, mold free environment. There is nothing like a wet basement or mold to put the kibosh on renovation plans. Ask your home improvement professional for the best ways to seal up any moisture or leaks coming in from outside. Your pro will closely examine all of the wall, floor and ceiling area for any signs of active, growing mold and make recommendations accordingly. Most times, a coat of waterproof paint and a dehumidifier will do the job.


Planning design ideas for your space. This is the fun part! Dream big, and create a “design vision board.” I am very old school, and I clip pictures out of my favorite home design magazines, and I put them on a piece of poster board over the desk in my office. There are a few social media sites like Pinterest that allow you to pin up pictures from your favorite home design or online retailers too. In a basement space, furniture that is multifunctional is my go to. The big box stores have lots of benches with storage, cubicles with baskets, and book shelves. Add paint chips to your “board”, they are free! A bright cheery color or even a very warm shade of white will add lots of personality to your basement “room.” To make basement windows look larger, hang curtains above them, and let them go all the way to the floor. You can add a mirror to the bottom of the window to increase the size, and refract light into the room. This is a design secret that I use in all of my basement rooms, both for clients and for myself. Another of my favorite things to create in a basement room is a cork board wall that doubles as a kid’s art gallery. Get all of those art projects off the refrigerator, and hang them up where they can be appreciated!

My laundry room is part of my basement. I used some open stock folding doors on a track to create a “closed in” laundry space against the back wall. Get creative. Think outside the box to solve those storage issues, and create usable space. An indoor outdoor carpet is also a fun, inexpensive way to add some pizazz to the floor, and not break your budget.

I have an open concept basement family fun room with tons of storage, a very comfortable pull out sofa for unexpected overnight guests and sleep overs with extended family. My basement also has an office space for those days that I need to escape the noise of the main floor of the house. The family media area has a small kitchen that keeps our favorite movie watching snacks close at hand.

For long term storage in your basement, consider using airtight and water resistant plastic tubs with lids that fit securely to the top. Cardboard does not resist moisture, and it draws vermin. Keep everything up off the floor, the slightest bit of moisture can cause damage to your stored items!

Bay Area Tasker Transforms Wood and Metal into Art

Handyman Taskers have made big money for themselves as they assemble and repair practically everything under the sun (and kitchen sink), and now one Oakland-based Tasker is making a name for himself as he takes his handyman skills to new creative heights.

Meet Alex Oslance — a Tasker who, when he isn’t helping his clients, is carefully twisting and turning metal and wood into truly incredible works of art.

The 32 year-old artist can spend hundreds of hours on just one piece and shows his work across the Bay Area.

Alex just rewarded himself with a three-week vacation (because he can — as a Tasker, he’s his own boss!) to do a fellowship in the Midwest and develop his art even further. See some of Alex’s latest pieces here. And when you’re deciding which piece you want to purchase, read reviews from his dozens of satisfied TaskRabbit customers.



At TaskRabbit, we’re big fans of efficient and healthy transportation (we like bikes!), and so is the Client for this Task of the Week. Bastian is a Client living in Germany whose girlfriend recently moved to California for a job opportunity, and since “it’s much easier and healthier to get around using a bike,” he surprised her by ordering up a bicycle online. Unfortunately, the bike arrived at her doorstep in lots of boxes and wasn’t easy to assemble using the usual household tools. Bastian tried to help via Skype but realized that the problem required help from someone in-person. Luckily, he knew about TaskRabbit, so he reached out for assistance and within an hour Tasker Donald was on his way, “arriving fully equipped with all the tools and skillfully assembled the bike.” Bastian was extremely happy with the result and loved that he could fully manage it online from across the planet and pay cash-free directly from Germany.

Need to get something taken care of? We can help.



When you’re having issues with your chicken coop, who do you call? TaskRabbit, of course! Susan is a Client in the Bay Area who was having problems with the doors of her chicken coop and needed to get them fixed so she could keep the chickens in and the dog out. After a few weeks of barricading the door with lawn furniture, Susan turned to TaskRabbit for help. Tasker Joseph S. was on the case, re-hanging the exterior door and retrofitting the interior door. Susan raved, “Joseph was amazing because he had the skills to fix the doors PLUS experience with chickens and dogs!” These professional Taskers are truly a talented and well-rounded group of people.

Need to get something taken care of? We can help.


And the Most On-Demand City Is (drumroll)…

We all need help at the last minute, but residents of one California city are more likely to live an on-demand life with the help of TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit’s data science team recently found that Los Angeles and Orange County, known for anytime sunshine and quick-serve frozen yogurt, are more likely to need last-minute handyman help, cleaning and personal assistance by booking “same day” tasks. This compares to other cities where Clients are more likely to book their tasks a day or two in advance.

In fact, Los Angeles and Orange County Clients are about 40% more likely to book “on-demand” with same-day tasks, compared to Washington DC and London where Clients are least likely to book a task on the same day they need it done.

Not a surprise, New Yorkers still want things done in a New York minute, ranking just below LA and the OC.

Check out a ranking of TaskRabbit’s on demand cities below.

On-Demand Cities Ranked (in descending order)

  1. LA & OC
  2. New York City
  3. Chicago
  4. SF Bay Area
  5. Boston
  6. Washington DC
  7. London