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Looking Back at #WinterStormJuno: Boston or Bust

On the heels of yet another storm bearing down on the Northeast, remember when Winter Storm Juno never delivered its promised punch to New York City, but poor Boston got more than its fair share? New Tasking data reveals just how bad the two towns got it.

Boston (population: 640,000) logged nearly twice as many winter-related tasks as New York City (population: 8.4 million) during the final week of January. Boston Taskers logged 612 winter-related tasks compared to New York’s 368 tasks. Taskers in both cities were most likely to shovel cold white stuff the day or two following a band of snowfall. Other popular tasks included spreading snow salt the night before and delivering warm food once the worst of the storm passed.

Juno was the biggest snowstorm to hit Boston in a generation — and one of the first to have such a skilled team of on-demand Taskers following behind it.



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Several of you used TaskRabbit to help prepare for Super Bowl parties (or clean up afterwards), but our favorite task last week was one savvy Client who wanted to save a spot along the Patriots’ victory parade route in Boston (our old stomping grounds!). The Tasker is a Patriots’ fan who was planning to check out the parade anyway, and she got paid for holding a spot for the Client. The Tasker bundled up and arrived a few hours early to hunker down at the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets, happily giving up one of her spots to the Client when he arrived, hot chocolates in hand. Let us know if we can help you save time in any way.

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The TaskRabbit Valentine’s Day Index: Flowers, Restaurant Reservations & 3D Flowers

It’s the most romantic time of the year and one of the most popular times for dispatching heartfelt tasks. We’ve already seen dozens and dozens of V-day tasks posted. Based off of this data we dug up from the past three Valentine’s Days, we are predicting the most popular V-day gifts for 2015.

Winner: Flowers and Candy

For the last three years, flowers have been king on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of city (NYC, SF, LA and DC), Americans tend to have Taskers deliver flowers nearly twice as often as candy. New Yorkers and San Franciscans are more generous than most, dispatching Taskers to deliver both for their significant other.


  • National: 64% Flowers, 32% Candy, 4% Both
    • NYC: 61% Flowers, 30% Candy, 9% Both
    • SF: 63% Flowers, 33% 4% both
    • LA: 65% Flowers, 35% Candy
    • DC:  67% Flowers, 33% Candy

2nd place: Waiting in Line at Popular Restaurants

It’s the second most common Valentine’s Day task expected to be booked on TaskRabbit this Valentine’s Day. A Tasker can help you wait in line for reservations at restaurants like Roses Luxury in Washington DC, where Taskers are helping folks save time and indulge in some seriously sweet eats. Here’s a breakdown between the two most popular restaurants where diners need help getting a seat.


  • San Francisco: 1. State Bird Provisions, 2. Flour + Water
  • NYC: 1. Spotted Pig, 2. Ippudo
  • Los Angeles: 1 Superba Snack Bar, 2. Canele
  • DC: 1. Roses Luxury, 2. Etto

3rd Place: All things digital – 3D Printed Flowers & Digital Photo Albums

Rounding out the Top 3 most common Valentine’s Day Tasks to expect this year…

3D Printed Flowers from Brit + Co were wildly popular in SF last year. We also saw a similar trend in the number of Taskers helping lovebirds digitize photo albums of special moments throughout their relationships. 3D Printed flowers are back again this year and the popularity of digitized photo albums is likely to follow suit.


Only in San Francisco: TaskRabbit Joins Brit + Co to Deliver 3D Printed Roses for Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing more romantic than roses – and this year, TaskRabbit and Brit + Co are teaming up to add a twist of tech to make these symbols of Valentine’s Day love even more special for Bay Area love birds.
3D printed roses by Brit + Co will be available for delivery by TaskRabbit to anyone in the San Francisco area this Valentine’s Day! So South Bay, San Jose, the Peninsula, Oakland and Berkeley – that means you too!

There are two options: A single rose for $15, plus $4.99 for shipping or delivery or a half-dozen roses available for $65. For the half-dozen, we’ll take care of any shipping and delivery charges. Each order will come packaged with festive ribbon and a handwritten gift tag (you can add a personalized message at checkout).

If you’re in the San Francisco area, TaskRabbit will hand-deliver roses to your valentine on Friday, February 13th!

Don’t live in SF? Brit + Co will package your roses to arrive the week of Valentine’s Day. When you place your order online, you’ll have the option to choose San Francisco delivery OR national shipping. Please note, we are currently limited to orders within the US only.

Because these roses will last forever, you can easily incorporate them into your decor post-Valentine’s Day! They’ll look great as part of an arrangement with other flowers, or in bud vases as a conversation-starter centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!

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Happy Groundhog Day… but we didn’t need Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow in order to predict another six weeks of winter. People in the Northeast and Midwest have been digging out from bouts of snow in the past week and TaskRabbit has been there to help. We’ve been shoveling cars out of snow drifts, clearing pathways to Clients’ doors, and helping people recover from the many inches dumped by the blizzard. (Boston, we’re looking at you!) So if you’ve got more snow than you know what to do with, hire a Tasker to take care of it while you focus on other things and stay warm inside.


2015: 6X Jump in On-Demand New Year’s Resolutions Help

2015 kicked off the annual ritual for making New Year resolutions that 92% of us tend to break, but achieving those goals may have gotten a little easier this year, thanks to some extra help from TaskRabbit.

From December 26 through January 26, TaskRabbit saw a record 362 Tasks posted specifically requesting on-demand help with “resolutions,” including everything from dieting and waking up earlier. That number is up 6X, from just 60 resolutions the year before.

Simple organization resolutions like digital decluttering helped account for proof that resolutions can be conquered.  See a full list of resolutions Taskers helped complete below.

TaskRabbit Resolutions: How Taskers Helped in 2015
  • Get Organized — Hire a Mom without the Guilt: Organization was the most commonly posted resolution task. Several people hired a DC Tasker for her reputation as a “Mom-for-Hire without the Guilt.” She helped organized offices, closets and a storage unit.
  • Grocery Shop for New Diet: Taskers shopped for their New Year’s Resolutions diets, including locating those sometimes hard-to-find healthy groceries. Most common length of this task was once a week for the the first two months of their diet, presumably to get folks on the right path to a “healthy new you.”
  • Digital Declutter: Digitized old CDs, family photos and recipes can be a drag. We see Taskers do this task every day during the first couple months of the new year. 
  • Wake-up Call: Exactly two folks needed a little extra nudge in the morning to get up earlier in the New Year. Taskers called Clients to make sure they weren’t ignoring their alarm clocks.
  • Fix What Your Super Won’t: Getting your apartment supervisor to fix squeaky doors, replace high-ceiling lightbulbs, faulty switches, can be like pulling teeth. Skilled Handyman Taskers checked 5-7 of these quick, yet inconvenient, tasks off to-do lists, usually in under an hour.
  • Out with the Old: Clients hired Taskers to photo-document their library of old clothes and accessories and post them for sale on eBay. New Yorkers and San Franciscans tended to hire a Tasker with a car to schlep the remaining old stuff to Goodwill for a tax deduction.
  • Room Refresh’ with Ikea Delivery and Setup: One of the most frustrating things for the urban dweller without a car is the Ikea item you bought not knowing that it MUST be picked up at the store. Taskers helped Clients pick up Ikea items and deliver them to their apartment for assembly on the spot. Not only saving Clients time, the tasks frequently cost less than the Ikea delivery fee, which doesn’t include setup.
  • Oil/Smog Change: “I want to start taking better car of my car this year” said one San Francisco Client, who hired a Tasker to drop off their car at the mechanic for it’s annual oil/smog check and return it to the office before the end of the workday.


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When the Ohio State Buckeyes made it to the national championship, one of their smart fans used TaskRabbit to source her tickets from afar. Standing-room-only tickets were solely available for sale in person at the stadium, so Kim asked the TaskRabbit network in Dallas for assistance. After Kim posted her ticket request, Tasker Alyssa jumped at the chance to help, driving to the Dallas Cowboy stadium before the box office closed for the day. Alyssa grabbed three precious tickets and overnighted them to a very excited fan who was “extremely impressed and grateful.” To make things even better, Kim’s team won the championship. After a few days of floating on air, Kim tweeted, “Just sinking in that I witnessed my team winning the National Championship thanks to @TaskRabbit!“ We really enjoy delighting Clients and helping people do the things that they love. How can we help you?