The long, cold winter nights in London are made merry by hanging out with friends,  celebrating birthdays, and re-enacting TV shows. One of our Clients, Charli, has a friend who is obsessed with The Apprentice, so Charli made her friend’s birthday party even more entertaining by hiring a Tasker to pretend to be an Apprentice contestant. London-based Tasker Tim was up for the challenge, dressing up in a natty suit with red tie and bantering with the group as they barraged him with questions. This group of friends has serious video editing skills, producing their own personalized trailer for the show.


We really enjoy all the ways people use TaskRabbit to get things done, either serious or silly. Whatever you need done, we can help.

Chinese New Year 2015: Popular Chinatown Tasks

Chinatowns across the nation are celebrating a lunar new year marked by some confusion over who is this year’s honored animal.

An analysis of Tasking data over the last year offers little evidence of whether the sheep or goat is the winner. Instead, Chinese New Year this year will be marked by Taskers helping nearby residents grabbing a slice of far-east culture through Tasks.

In particular, “Personal Assistance” Tasks were the most common Chinatown assignments booked on the platform in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, LA and Washington D.C., beating the second most common task of Moving Help; apparently there are a lot of people moving into Chinatowns across the nation.
Here’s a look at each Chinatown’s standout Personal Assistance tasks.
San Francisco
  • Deliver 14 egg custards from Golden Gate Bakery
  • Pick up 75 Bubble Teas from Ten Ren’s Teathumb_600
New York:
  • Locate and purchase a tangerine tree.
  • Purchase green tea rice balls and dumplings from Lucky King Bakery
Los Angeles
  • Pick up an order Slippery Shrimp from Yang Chow
  • Purchase and deliver 50 lucky red envelopes.
  • Pick up and deliver 5 dragon kites and fire crackers from any Chinatown shop


Let’s say you live hundreds of miles away from a very good friend who’s having a birthday party. Most people would fire off a text message or a Facebook post to send their best wishes. Not Marissa, a very clever TaskRabbit Client who hired LA-based Tasker, DaVette, to attend the party in her stead, pretending to be her, telling inside jokes and making references to stories only Marissa and her friends knew. While DaVette was cracking up her crew at the bar, Marissa was getting text messages from her friends, “You are crazy and I love you. Thank you for teleporting,” and “This is the best. I love you and I hate you because I cannot top this present.” Check out the photo of the birthday girl and “Marissa”/DaVette!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.04.45 PM

We love all the creative ways you use TaskRabbit to get things done! Have a task you’d like to see featured? Please tweet @TaskRabbit and let us know.


TaskHack: Wait in Line for Liquid Gold

Have you ever thought of having a Tasker wait in line for some liquid gold? Chicagoans do it every year to snag a rare case of the Windy City-based Goose Island Brewery’s Bourbon County Stout.

Every Black Friday, we see Taskers wait hours in line for this very limited quantity of a unique brew. Beer aficionados call it “liquid gold” because the brew, rated one of the “100 Best Beers in the World,” is so rare it sells out within a day.

We see Taskers hired to wait in lines at a handful of locations across the country lucky enough to sell the limited edition suds, but thirsty Chicagoans tend to book trusty Taskers most frequently for this special Task.




Love was in the air this weekend, and we were busy helping Cupid work his magic. We saw lots of requests for flower deliveries and waiting in line for popular restaurants (as predicted). We also noticed some other creative ways you outsourced help for the special day:

  • Knowing that first dates on Valentine’s Day can be awkward, one Client asked a Tasker to come up with a list of ideas for low-key and fun activities that would enable the couple to get to know each other, resulting in a trip to the Long Beach Aquarium.
  • A Tasker in LA snapped photos of a surprise V-Day picnic to document the reaction and the happy couple.
  • A San Francisco-based Client hired a Tasker to deliver a surprise to her fiancé every five minutes over the course of an hour.
  • A Tasker with great penmanship was asked to handwrite dozens of Valentine’s cards in New York.

Need help tackling your to-do list for less romantic tasks? We can help with that, too.


President’s Day Spotlight: How the Nation’s Capital Likes to Task

President’s Day is a chance to honor our nation’s commanders-in-chief and hopefully to get a few things done around the house at the same time. So, how does our nation’s capital like to Task on this holiday?

Here’s a quick look at how area residents like to lean on Taskers for help.

Top 3 Tasks

  1. Moving Help
  2. Delivery
  3. Minor Home Repairs (IKEA Furniture Assembly)

Fun and Useful Tasks

  • Wait in line for reservations at Rose’s Luxury, where wait times can reach 3 hours
  • 1000 Crickets delivered for an office frog
  • Engagement Surprise: Tasker decorated apartment with 100 LED candles, hundreds of rose petals.

Tasker Force

There are more than 900 Taskers in the DC area, specializing in home repair, moving help, cleaning and personal assistance.

Tasker Spotlight: Janet K.

Janet calls herself DC’s “Mom-for-hire, but without the guilt.” She says she spent years cleaning, organizing and repairing things for her kids, but now that they’ve left the nest, she’s getting paid for her expertise. Janet helps busy area residents make their lives less complicated with Tasking help, including personal shopping assistance for which she was recently profiled on WJLA-TV.