TaskRabbit Signs on as Newest Perk for AnyPerk Members


We’re excited to announce today that members of AnyPerk, the platform that provides employee perks and discounts to companies of all sizes, will now be able to use TaskRabbit at a discounted rate.

At ten percent off, AnyPerk members will now be able outsource the things they can and focus on what they love. Members simply click “redeem perk” on the TaskRabbit perk page and select your desired credit amount to apply to your account.

Because, who doesn’t need a little more time in their day? You deserve it.

Task of the Week: Dig Out My Snow-Covered Car So I Can Get To Work!

Unless you’ve been hibernating with your local sleuth of bears, you’ve likely heard about the insane weather that’s been crippling the South, North and East. People are trapped indoors, with temperatures plummeting below freezing and wind chills making the outdoors feel like something out of the Ice Age. But, except for the occasional snow day, people still have to get to work.

That’s how Boston TaskPoster Philip P found himself in quite the predicament. He had to get to work, but his trusted steed, a Toyota Rav 4, was absolutely buried under snow. Philip didn’t have the time or energy to dig his car out himself, so what did he do? He turned to TaskRabbit, of course.

Philip hired veteran TaskRabbit Marc H to come to his house and dig his car out of the snow so it would be ready to drive. How much snow are we talking? Here is the pile of snow Marc removed from the car:


Luckily for Philip, tasks of this nature are no sweat for a TaskRabbit of Marc’s caliber. Marc worked quickly and efficiently to free Philip’s car up so he could make it to work on time. Here’s Philip’s Rav 4, not quite snow-free but safely drivable:


Do you live in a place that’s being impacted by the weather? Can we help you stay safe, warm and dry? Let us know how today.

Task of the Week: Deliver a Valentine’s Day Singing Telegram!

Singing T

We love seeing all of the ways our TaskPosters utilize our service to make the most out of holidays. We’re always impressed with how creative our community is and love sharing the stories with you. Valentine’s Day always brings a ton of awesome tasks and here’s our favorite so far:

San Francisco TaskPoster Natalie C works in a co-working space. This means that, along with her colleagues, she works in a large room with a ton of people from varying backgrounds and industries. So, in a way, a co-working space is like an audience. Natalie saw this as an opportunity to pull off something pretty awesome.

She hired TaskRabbit Bendu Tonma J to come to her co-working space and sing a love song to her co-worker, in front of everyone else in the room (the audience, if you will). She isn’t picky – the song is totally up to Bendu and Natalie doesn’t even have a preference if it sounds good or not. As long as the song is sung in front of everyone, Natalie will be happy.

How creative can you get for Valentine’s Day? 

Meet the Elite: Dmitry Solominsky

Every month, we feature an outstanding member of the TaskRabbit Elite community. This month we sat down with Dmitry Solominksy, a military veteran, and one of our most active and highest rated TaskRabbits in New York City.

We sat down with Dmitry to learn a little bit more about him — including what being part of the Elite means to him and how he uses his military background to bring stellar customer service to every task. Read the full interview below:

What was your background before TaskRabbit?

I spent 6.5 years working at the corporate law firm, Dewey & LeBoeuf, where I oversaw half a million square feet of space and a staff of 7. Dealing with attorneys and outside vendors on a daily basis taught me to be able to think on my feet, making me pretty creative in how I approach time management.

How long have you been a TaskRabbit?

My one year TaskRabbit anniversary is this month!

What brought you to TaskRabbit?

After the law firm I worked for went bankrupt, I sat around at home and did nothing professionally for about two months. I applied to some jobs but got nowhere. While listening to TED talks I came across Leah Busque’s talk and thought to myself “I could do this” and the rest is history.

Coolest client you’ve met through TaskRabbit?

I’ve met a ton of amazing people in their own right, but working for Foursquare several times has been pretty amazing. To be able to work for a company that has an international following and is so prominent in social media is nothing short of awesome.

Most memorable task you’ve completed on TaskRabbit?

I biked to Manhattan for a job to build 10 Ikea rolling desks and some chairs for a startup. After hours of work, I wound up being fed very well and receiving a 115% tip for the services I provided! Made my bike ride home at 1am on Monday a lot more tolerable.

We know you have a military background. What does being former military mean to you and how has it shaped how you view customer service?

I am extremely proud of my military background. My pride can be seen in every task, from the moment I get assigned. I pride myself on my professionalism, from making first contact right after assignment to asking questions to ALWAYS showing up 10 minutes early for a task. To me, there is no such thing as a difficult customer. I always try to find common ground with people; whether it be through comedy or being serious. Having dealt with very strict timelines and no room for error while I was in the military, I bring that to my clients everyday.

What do you do to ensure a 5-star rating every time?

Preparation – knowing what you need to accomplish a task is half the battle. I go out of my way to compliment people on their design choices, kids’ art, and even pets. I’m also a stickler for detail. If I am not happy with something, I will re do it completely. I carry a 40-pound backpack on each task, stocked to the brim full of supplies and hardware. This puts customers at ease knowing that I have the tools to complete the job. I am also very flexible about timing and scheduling, and my clients appreciate the flexibility.

What’s your secret to getting hired on TaskRabbit?

My reviews speak volumes about my work. As a result of my Elite status on the platform, I’ve been able to increase my working rates because clients are willing to pay for quality. I know what most things I bid on entail and will often include questions in my bid that the person themselves had not thought of. That attention to detail often gets me the job.

What does being part of the Elite mean to you?

Being part of the Elite means I am doing something right, it’s nice to be recognized for your accomplishments.

What are three fun facts about you?

Before TaskRabbit, I thought calendars/planners were silly. I now swear by Google calendar.

I am a voracious eater, often finishing off my own food and the food of others around me at restaurants. This earned me the nickname of Food, which some friends still call me to the day.

I have completed four Tough Mudders, registered for a 5th this year and plan to run an Ironman by age 35.

Your favorite quotation?

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” –Albert Einstein

If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be and why?

Me. Everything I have been through has made me as awesome as I am. I would not want to trade that for anything in the world. Often times, people dream of being someone else, when they are not even the best version of themselves.

Favorite place you have travelled to?

As crazy as it sounds, Iraq, the birthplace of civilization. Something about seeing the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates and thinking about all of the history that has happened there was magical. It is incredibly beautiful there and the sunsets are mind-blowing.

Coffee With a London Tasker: Laura Campbell


Late last year, TaskRabbit officially launched in London. Since then we’ve hired dozens of talented Taskers from all corners of the city. They’ve been busy over the last couple of months helping Londoners get things done, from event staffing to home organisation.

Curious about her TaskRabbit experience so far, we sat down with Laura Campbell, a cheerful 34-year-old Tasker from Beckton, East London.

What were you doing before TaskRabbit, and what made you apply to be a Tasker?

Before joining the TaskRabbit community, I’d spent the last 10 years working in investment banking. I guess it was about time for a change! I was always working extremely long hours, and was always sat at a computer all day long. So, I decided to go looking for something a little different. When I first heard about TaskRabbit, I immediately thought it sounded like such a great idea! I could identify with the concept of working a long week and just never having enough time to get everything done. When you hire a Tasker to provide an extra pair of hands, TaskRabbit customers are really buying themselves more free time. And how valuable is that?!

What’s the best task you’ve had so far?

One of the best things about being a Tasker is the diversity of the activities you end up doing! There’s been plenty of bizarre and interesting moments, from helping someone dispose of a Christmas tree (by throwing it out of a third floor window)…. to blowing up 200 balloons!  I think one of the nicest jobs I’ve had thus far was helping a working mum of three to organise her home and her life.  With her work, looking after her family and studying, she was just at her wits end and felt like she wasn’t coping. Having someone who could help her with meal plans, cleaning schedules, tidying, organising and transforming her home from chaos to calm just made such a huge impact. I think women try so hard to juggle with doing everything and you can’t be Superwoman all the time!  Although I think perhaps she’ll keep TaskRabbit a secret and take all the credit her husband gives her! :)

What has surprised you about working for TaskRabbit?

I think the thing that has surprised me the most about working for TaskRabbit is how lovely the clients have all been. I can honestly say that most of my tasks feel less like work and more like I’m just helping out a friend. People have been warm and welcoming. It makes all of the work I do so pleasant.

What’s been the reaction of Londoners when telling them about TaskRabbit?

People have been so interested in TaskRabbit!  People know you can hire cleaners and such, but the whole concept of being able to outsource unusual tasks is pretty new in London.  I get asked about it all the time and you can see people’s eyes light up when they realise they can get all of their odd jobs done!

What’s the best thing about being a Tasker?

Meeting new and interesting people has been amazing fun, but hands down the best part of the job is just the variety of different tasks. After spending so many years sat at a desk, it’s fantastic to always be doing something different or going somewhere different.  Plus how many other jobs are there where you’re getting paid to brighten someone’s day?!

If you want to hire Laura or any of our London Taskers for your odd jobs, head to TaskRabbit.co.uk!



How To Make Valentine’s Day in London A Breeze

London VDAY

With under two weeks to go until Valentines Day, it’s about time you got your affairs in order. V-day may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if your loved one is into it, you might want to put some effort into it. Rather than stressing out trying to plan the perfect evening for your partner, you can organise an Instagram-worthy evening with less stress than you think. We promise!

Delectable Edibles

We don’t mean to rub salt in your wound, but if you haven’t already booked a restaurant for Valentines Day in Central London….you might want to start thinking about it. The annual celebration of love is actually taking place on a Friday this year, meaning that even London’s long-distance commuters will probably stick around the city to have a fancy bite or two.

If you want to break routine and try something new, check out the freshest restaurant additions on Yelp and Foursquare. Yelp allows you to book many places directly through their the app, using Toptable integration, making reservations a breeze.

Task It:  Sadly, some of the best restaurants in London do telephone bookings only. If you don’t have the time to waste looking for a place with a free table, hire a personal assistant through TaskRabbit for an hour or two to help you find (and book!) that perfect romantic meal.

Revelry & Merrymaking

Dinner and a movie is boring, right? If you’re stumped for other ideas, don’t despair.  YPlan can save your day. From circus shows to brewery tours, YPlan’s mobile app lists an impressive diversity of events and things to do. If you’re a “last minute” kind of person, you’ll be able to book spontaneous interesting (and discounted) events across London — which are often exclusive to YPlan.

Task It: Need someone to trawl through Time Out Listings? Call up that theatre? Run across town to buy tickets from someone? Assign it to one of our London Taskers!

Getting Around

You could get on the tube as you usually do, but that’s not very romantic, is it? So, forget the crowded train or hailing a cab in the rain. Grab yourself a luxury ride with Uber, or, if you’re after a good old-fashion London cab, get one to come to where you are in a mere matter of minutes with Hailo.

Task It: If you’re really trying to impress that special someone (and you have some wiggle room in your bank account), why not hire a romantic tour of London in a horse-drawn carriage or vintage car? A Tasker can take the organisation out of your hands and safely into theirs. Sit back and enjoy the view.

The Added Touches

There are more online gift, card and flower services than we can keep track of!  While the sentiment will be appreciated no matter what, your sweetie will definitely notice the difference between a run-of-the-mill present and a unique, specially crafted gift…made just for them. So, don’t be mainstream! Look to indie stores (online and offline),  seek out alternative florists, and quirky high-street shops to add the special touches to your Valentines day presents this year.

Task It: Need to trek across town to pick up that first edition comic book for your boyfriend? ….Or perhaps you need to brave the Oxford Street crowds to pick up that thing that Amazon is sold out of? Whatever your task, you can find a happy Tasker, ready to help you out. Heck, we’ll even gift wrap it for you.

Have any questions about V-day help in London? Get in touch!

TaskRabbit and Brit + Co Partner to Bring you 3D Printed Roses this Valentine’s Day!


Skip the classic roses this Valentine’s Day and choose a bouquet of 3D-printed roses instead!

TaskRabbit and Brit + Co have teamed up to add a tech twist to V-Day 2014. Give your main squeeze a bouquet of 3D-printed roses made by the folks at Brit + Co.

Live in San Francisco? For an extra $10, a friendly TaskRabbit will deliver directly to your sweetheart’s doorstep. Buy a dozen roses and get them delivered for FREE.

We’ve got a very limited supply of roses, so be sure to snag them while you still can.