When you think of TaskRabbit, you probably think of how we can help you achieve more by taking care of tasks around the home like cleaning, grocery delivery, and minor home repairs. You probably don’t think of how TaskRabbit can cure you of your FOMO (that stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”).

For Mik — who works full time in the Bahamas and hasn’t had a chance in a while to take time off to see friends from her college days — TaskRabbit allowed her to prank her pals when she heard they’d all be gathering in NYC to celebrate a spring concert. Her practical joke of choice? A tradition called “Icing.”

“Icing” is when you hide a Smirnoff Ice for a prankee to find. Once found, the victim is required to take a knee and down the bottle. According to Mik, it’s a time honored college tradition, and she and her friends took turns hiding the drink in each other’s ski boots, pillowcases, in the library, and even sending them in the mail.

A few hundred miles between Mik and her friends weren’t about to end the legacy, so Mik had TaskRabbit deliver a case of Ice to the bar she knew her former classmates were hanging out at. The results were so absurd that the bartenders let them have their fun.

We’re glad we could help you be there in spirit, Mik!

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Tom lives thousands of miles away from his mom, but still wanted to send her a special treat for Mother’s Day yesterday. Sunday was a busy day for Taskers across the country, but luckily Tasker Kathy was able to squeeze in the donut delivery among her many other Mother’s Day delivery tasks. Tom’s mom loved the sweet surprise, and Tom tweeted his delight in being a good son.

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Report: Millennials Choose Sharing Economy for Work-Life Balance, Boss-Free Career

Imagine a future when you could take vacation when you pleased, you could give yourself a raise when you knew your time and skills would be more valued and, best of all, you didn’t have a boss.

Well, that future is here, and according to a March 2015 survey conducted by TaskRabbit, millennials are serving a leading role in defining what it means to have a job in the new Sharing Economy.

The survey explores some of the emerging trends and preferences that are driving the rise of the freelance lifestyle (freelancers are predicted to make up 40% of the workforce by 2020) and bridging the “jobs gap” resulting from the Great Recession. According to the TaskRabbit Millennial survey, 58% of Taskers in the U.S. and UK are millennials, born in 1980 or later. Three main reasons why millennials say they decided to work in the Sharing Economy include working flexible hours, not having a boss and earning extra cash.

You can see complete results from the survey in the infographic below.

In addition to flexibility, TaskRabbit’s survey found:

  • Working in different locations and using a variety of skills also rank high on millennial Taskers’ priority lists.
  • 84% of millennial Taskers make themselves available to task during holidays, if the price is right.
  • The top three reasons why millennials become Taskers (In descending order): 1. extra money, 2. flexible work schedule, 3. not having a boss
  • “Flexibility of work schedule” was described as “extremely important” twice as frequently as “flexibility of location” and “flexibility of jobs you work on.”
  • 15% of Millennial Taskers earn $6-7K/month
  • Millennials are most likely to spend their free time (in descending order): Pursuing a hobby, continuing my education, and working another job
  • 77% of Millennial Taskers say TaskRabbit is the only Sharing Economy platform they use to earn money. Taskers who work on other platforms are twice as likely to work on ride-sharing platforms, like Uber and Lyft, compared to other Sharing Economy platforms.
  • 65% of Millennial Taskers say they earn enough money on TaskRabbit to support their lifestyle and have a healthy work/life balance by working 20 hours or less per week.




Recently in Boston, Jo was facing two long weeks of late nights at work. She had an important company-wide assessment approaching and knew she wouldn’t have time to reliably grab healthy food and take care of herself (a New Year’s Resolution). Luckily, she had a dear friend who cooks and TaskRabbit to help. Jo’s friend Vickie is a professional chef, and Vickie whipped up healthy and delicious food for Jo – moussaka, bibimbap, ragu bolognese over spaghetti squash… our mouth is watering!

But Jo was so busy, she couldn’t swing by Vickie’s place to pick up the meals. That’s where TaskRabbit came to the rescue, and Jo had Tasker Patrick deliver two shopping bags filled with nutritious tupperware from Vickie. Patrick arrived with a big smile, braving the rain to deliver healthy food to Jo when she needed it most. Later in the week, Jo’s coworkers were scrounging for food and Jo was able to share some of her bounty to keep the entire team in good health and spirits. (And Vickie got a new customer out of the sampling!)

Jo is a long-time TaskRabbit Client – we’ve helped her with a wide variety of tasks, from moving a treadmill to removing paint cans from her basement (a LOT of paint cans because Jo’s into community theater in a big way). So when she was stuck at work for the ninth consecutive day, she knew TaskRabbit could help.

Jo says, “Thank you, TaskRabbit! It’s the little connections that make a big difference.”

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Data Science: Heat + End of Month Drives ‘Peak Moving’

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.52.21 AMIt’s the end of the month — and it’s getting warmer out. Put the two together and whaddaya got? The beginning of moving season on TaskRabbit!

Our data scientists pulled the numbers in the last two years of moving seasons and found that as temperatures heat up, so do moving Tasks. Spring and summer are when people decide to move into new apartments and relocate to different parts of town.

Clients love Taskers who are willing to lend a helping hand (and a truck or large vehicle!), especially in cities that are usually cold. In fact, the increase in “Summer-Spring” moving tasks compared to “Fall-Winter” moving Tasks is significantly greater in colder cities like Boston, Chicago and New York City than in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Makes sense, especially in a year when Taskers helped countless Boston and New York neighborhoods dig out of feet of snow.

In addition to the time of year, the time of month can be an even more predictable period when Clients require moving help (see below). No surprise, people choose the end of the month to move as their leases end, homes sell and new “home sweet homes” are found.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.51.43 AM

Find the best Tasker in your neighborhood here so you can save time with packing, unpacking and heavy lifting — no matter the time of day, month or year.

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Getting London Marathon-Ready, One Task at a Time

Running 26.2 Miles is no easy task. And neither is navigating a city hosting tens-of-thousands of athletes making the journey all at the same time this Sunday. That’s why Taskers are lending Londoners — runners or not — a helping hand.

This week, dozens of lucky marathoners across London have been treated to a touch of Tasker help in preparation for the big race, receiving goody bags of energy gel packs, lucozade and sweat bands.

But #thejoyofdone provided by Taskers doesn’t stop there. TaskRabbit is seeing a number of trending tasks booked by Londoners who are anticipating a hectic city leading up to and after the race. Tasks like “pick up last-minute gel packs for my sister,” “deliver a carb-loading meal on Saturday night” and “pack and deliver to me a marathon survival bag at the end of the race” are just a few tasks booked to help London Town get things done.

London, keep sharing your favorite tasks on twitter #thejoyofdone. And good luck on Sunday!



Hoppy ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’ — TaskRabbit Style!

What could be cuter than kids hopping around an office? How about kids….WITH BUNNIES?!

This year, TaskRabbit joined LeanIn.Org’s Take Your Kids to Work Day to give some TaskRabbit kids the opportunity to see their moms and dads as both leaders at work and active parents.

But let’s be honest, work can be boring sometimes. So, some official TaskRabbit bunnies made an appearance. And just like that, the office got adorably fun (see photos below).

The day was part of the #LeanInTogether movement, a challenge to raise a generation of women and men who can be anything they want to be.

Research shows that everyone benefits when women and men lean in at work and at home. • Splitting responsibilities evenly at home benefits children. Fathers who do more household chores are more likely to raise daughters who believe they have a broader range of career options.

How did you celebrate Take Your Kids to Work Day? Post on Facebook or Twitter a photo of you and your little one with “I’m a Lean In Mom” or “I’m a Lean In Dad” and let’s #LeanInTogether by making our homes and companies more equal.

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