TaskRabbit Partners with the White House on Disaster Response & Recovery Efforts

Today, TaskRabbit visited the White House to unveil a new partnership as part of The White House Innovation For Disaster Response and Recovery Initiative Demo Day. TaskRabbit is partnering with federal and local officials to offer the services of the TaskRabbit community during times of disaster or emergencies. Today’s event brought together technologists, entrepreneurs and members of the disaster response community to showcase tools that will make a substantial impact during large-scale emergencies. TaskRabbit is excited to play a role in this important initiative.

The new tool, The TaskRabbit Needs for First Responders Program, is a simple, mobile web product where authorized first responders can post a need for help during times of emergency and be connected to our community of 30,000 background-checked and fully vetted Taskers, who can then volunteer their services in real time.

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This tool is simply formalizing how neighbors are helping neighbors naturally in our community during times of emergency. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, we saw our community in the Northeast come together to help one another; Our Taskers assisted with tree removal, taking pictures of damaged property, and transporting donations to those impacted.

Local officials interested in joining the pilot program can email DisasterRelief@TaskRabbit.com with a brief explanation of how they would like to see it implemented.

From the Big Apple to Big Ben, TaskRabbit is hopping across the Atlantic


 “Every Superhero needs a sidekick. Find yours on TaskRabbit” 

Every day at TaskRabbit, we receive requests from all over the world to bring our marketplace to new cities, but one international city has peaked interest beyond all others.  That’s why today, we’re thrilled to finally announce that we’re taking a hop across the Atlantic and bringing TaskRabbit to London.

From Shoreditch to Stoke Newington, Bermondsey to Belsize Park, Kensington to Kentish Town, our British Taskers will be out in force shortly and ready to help time-pressed Londoners tackle their to-do lists.

So whether you’re a busy mum in Hampstead who needs someone to deep clean the house, a commuter who needs help with their Christmas wrapping or a career woman in Clapham who simply needs a handyman to assemble IKEA furniture – busy Londoners will be able to outsource these tasks through TaskRabbit and focus on the important things in life, be it family, friends or even pre-Christmas exercise!

We’ve come a long way from our San Francisco start-up roots. Five years on, and we now have 20,000 vetted and approved Taskers in 19 cities across the US. We’ve been looking at how we can burrow into new cities and now we’re ready to bring TaskRabbit to the Capital.

We’ve noticed over the past 5 years that given half a chance, people do want to pitch in and help each other out, particularly in their own communities. So we have converged all the social, location and mobile know-how we have to create TaskRabbit, an online marketplace that connects busy people with safe, reliable professional who will help them get things done and give them more time to focus on what they love.

So London, we’re coming for you – to be kept up to date, register at: http://www.taskrabbit.co.uk/

TaskRabbit Launches Solution For Businesses To Hire Ongoing, Temporary Help


Businesses are an integral part of TaskRabbit, posting more than 35 percent of tasks. It’s been awesome to see how companies have used, and continue to use, the TaskRabbit platform to build and grow their business. To cater to these specific needs, we launched a dedicated TaskRabbit for Business dashboard back in February.

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest advancement in the TaskRabbit for Business experience: a solution that makes it easy for companies to hire ongoing, long-term help through TaskRabbit. Through this new experience, our business customers can access our 10,000+ background-checked and fully vetted TaskRabbits for temporary jobs that take multiple days, weeks, or even months to complete. [pullshow]

“Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a trend in companies using the TaskRabbit platform as an easy and reliable way to staff temporary employees,” says Victor Echevarria, TaskRabbit’s Head of Business Development.

“We’ve learned that many businesses are frustrated with the current temping solutions, which often prove slow, expensive, and inefficient. Hiring managers are tired of spending enormous amounts of time sifting through online classifieds and job boards, and completing the endless paperwork associated with W-2 employment,” Echevarria said. “The new TaskRabbit for Business provides a solution.”

The new TaskRabbit for Business experience makes it quick and easy to browse applications from high-quality candidates, screen and interview candidates online through a live chat feature, and hire and pay directly through the site. Leveraging LinkedIn’s API, each application offers a detailed and up-to-date summary of experience by pulling employment history and skills directly from the candidates’ Linkedin profiles.

Beyond the ease and speed of use, TaskRabbit for Business offers companies the flexibility to classify their TaskRabbit as a 1099 contractor or W-2 employee (for jobs that take more than 15 hours per week) depending on their needs. All compliance paperwork, including payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, is handled for W-2 jobs.

We’ve optimized TaskRabbit for Business to facilitate quick posting for administrative, customer service, sales, and data-entry jobs. During our beta period, these job types proved to be the most popular. Yet, business users can easily customize job listings for any type of position. And, of course, all users can continue to post delivery and ad hoc tasks.

[pullthis]“We’re thrilled to give our business users such an easy and flexible way to hire high-caliber temporary help,” says Anne Raimondi, TaskRabbit’s CRO, who oversees product development. “We’re raising the bar on the temporary staffing industry.”[/pullthis]

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