When you’re a new mom, you have a great appreciation for the small things: the little one’s smile, a quick nap, an instant of free time, an extra pair of hands. Shara M. recently gave birth to a baby girl and realized she needed a second pair of hands to help out with various tasks that were piling up. Reaching out to TaskRabbit, she knocked out several errands that would have otherwise taken precious time away from the baby. Tasker Diane wrote thank you cards, returned gifts for store credit, and filed paperwork for Shara, helping return her New York apartment to a manageable state. New moms take note: we can also help out with laundry, house-cleaning, deliveries and more. Still no progress on outsourcing your naps to us, though.



Dogs are a big part of the TaskRabbit family, so we totally understand the sweetness of this task. Getting married at a hotel miles away from home, Andrew wanted to surprise his bride-to-be with a visit from their dogs. Tasker Mona frequently handles pet-sitting tasks, but this one was unique. The dogs, staying in the backyard of the bride’s parents’ house on the wedding day, were picked up and delivered to the bride for a few minutes of attention before being whisked back to the yard. The bride was incredibly happy to snuggle with her beloved four-legged friends at such an emotional time, and the dogs got to be a small part of the big day. We wonder if this task was posted under “Delivery” or “Pet-sitting.” Congratulations Andrew!


Happy Father's Day

Hire a TaskRabbit, Make Dad Proud

Happy Father's Day

So you waited until the last minute to arrange a Father’s Day gift? Relax, it’s not too late. TaskRabbits can help you delight the dads in your life. Awesome, friendly, dad-loving TaskRabbits can:

  • Deliver everything he needs for a barbecue.
  • Pick up and deliver that camping gear he’s had his eye on.
  • Bring him a bottle of something good.
  • Do his chores for the week.
  • Play caddy for the day.

Send Dad Some Love


Father's Day Gift

Knock Dad Out By Remembering Father’s Day

Father's Day Gift

Let the dads in your life know how much you care this Father’s Day. You already know you can hire a TaskRabbit to deliver just about anything — from a bottle of something awesome to a shiny, new gadget — but have you thought about sending a card? You know, a printed-on-paper, dropped-in-the-mailbox greeting? Our friends over at Sincerely want to give you a free, customized card. How awesome is that?

 Grab one now for a dad that rules.

Get a free card.


banana arrested development

Go Ahead, Binge Watch Arrested Development. We’ll Bring You Things.

banana arrested development
Be honest. You’re gonna binge watch Arrested Development this weekend.

You’ll knock back three seasons of never nudes (there are dozens of them), chicken dances (has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?), and hop-ons (because you’re gonna get hop-ons) before settling in for the long-awaited Season Four.

Don’t wait for The Cornballer to make its first appearance before you realize that you’re famished. TaskRabbits can keep you nourished all weekend with food, drink, even chocolate-covered bananas. Place your delivery orders now — anything else would be a huge mistake.

Mother's Day

The Moms in Your Life Always Deliver, Deliver For Them This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Hugs, wisdom, boundless affection…

The moms in your life sure know how to deliver. Wouldn’t it be awesome to deliver for them this Mother’s Day?

Hire a TaskRabbit to drop off flowers, chocolates, cupcakes, or anything else to the amazing moms in your life. Simply post a task for in any of our cities, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Post a Mother’s Day Task Now.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Have You Appreciated a Teacher This Week?

Teacher Appreciation WeekWe all have that one incredible teacher that made a big impact. Maybe it was the philosophy prof that opened your mind during your freshman year or the high school English instructor that made Shakespeare come alive. Maybe it was your daughter’s first preschool teacher. For Leah, it was Sarah Sabatini, her high school math teacher.

Delivering a little love to the educators in your life is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Think about a teacher in your life that’s making a big impact every day.

2. Choose something that would make her smile, like an awesome succulent plant, a box of snickerdoodles, or classroom art supplies.

3. Post a delivery task.