Happy Animal Wednesday – with kisses, love Radar

Now that Kobe is off to San Francisco, our new intern, Radar, has taken charge of “Happy Animal Wednesdays” (and most other days if we’re being

Kobe's Summer Intern, Radar

Kobe's Summer Intern, Radar

honest) at TaskRabbit. He’s been all over town trying to spread the word on how TaskRabbit can help Animals throughout the summer. Did you happen to spot him at Yappier Hour last week? If not, keep your eyes open because he’s been all over Boston handing out doggie gift bags with our interns!

Radar really wants to make sure that his four legged friends around the city get to enjoy summer just as much as their parents. Just last week he organized the photography for his cousin’s first birthday party at Petco and today he’s been hard at work to find a walker for his buddy Dewey, the Golden Retriever. Thanks to Radar’s hard work, animal related tasks are pouring in at TaskRabbit. Please remember to keep Radar in mind this summer if it’s too hot out to make a run to Polka Dog Bakery or if you’re traveling and need to find a dog friendly hotel…he’s a great runner!

Rabbit Road Trip to SF!

Yes the rumors are true, as Scott Kirsner reported this morning, Kevin and I have decided to move west for the launch of TaskRabbit.com in San Francisco. It was a tough decision to head west, and I’ve appreciated all the support from family and friends as we make this journey. I realize there is some rivalry between the two coasts, especially when we are talking about a certain city, but our reason for moving is simple. TaskRabbit has a somewhat unique model, in that we are hyper-local, we scale city by city. It is only natural at this early stage, as the Founder, I would want to ensure that everything goes perfectly in the second market. So in order to absolutely nail our launch in San Francisco, I want to be out there, learning the landscape, the neighborhoods, and the idiosyncrasies. After this second city, we will have learned enough about scaling of the model to go quickly after that. Our Boston-based operations team will remain in place the Cambridge office to support our East Coast growth. Look for us to bring on more Boston suburbs this summer.

In the 18 months TaskRabbit has been doing tasks for people, we have experienced tremendous growth. The company has expanded from me working alone in my apartment in Charlestown, to five full time employees and an office in Cambridge. We have more than 300 runners completing tasks in the Boston area. And we are continuing to grow. It’s a dream come true.

Both Boston and San Francisco are home to some of the brightest minds in innovation and venture and we will look to both coasts when we seek an additional round of funding to support our growth.

Kevin and I are pretty excited. We’ll be driving across the country, with our 100lb yellow lab Kobe in tow. The timing worked out that my sister is getting married in Nashville, TN this weekend – at 2:30pm on Saturday. We’ve got 24 hours to drive from Boston to Nashville staring Friday afternoon. Of Memorial Day Weekend. One of the busiest driving weekends of the year. And hitting New York City at rush hour. We should be fine, right?! I am a little concerned, but we have to make my sister’s wedding, so that’s what we’ll do.

After Nashville, we plan to get on either I-70 or I-80 to make the trek to San Francisco. Would love any recommendations here.

You can follow our progress on Twitter and I plan to checkin on Gowalla the entire way. Maybe even get a few video blog entries in. Kobe is ecstatic, he loves a good car ride. Hopefully he’ll love the 3,000+ car ride as well!

Animals love TaskRabbit!

By Intern Jen Smith

Over at TaskRabbit, we are as mad as a March hare over animals. In case you haven’t heard the story, TaskRabbit was created when our Chief

Kobe preps for Dog Day Afternoons!

Inspiration Officer, Kobe, needed a new bag of dog food and his Mom (our boss) didn’t have time to run to the store. With Kobe as our guide, we are working to increase the number of animal related tasks in many special ways

For starters, we’ve kicked off a pet food delivery program with Polka Dog Bakery. With Polka Dog, you can have your pet food delivered directly to your door at regular intervals for just $10. With the help of our awesome 200+ runners, this means that Kobe’s friends in the greater Boston area don’t have to lose precious puppy sleep over their next meal.

Recently, a dog-walking task inspired us to reach out to the pups of Boston. With summer approaching, we will soon be starting our “Dog Day Afternoon” events where we visit local dog parks equipped with special doggie bags.

Kobe hired a new intern named Radar. He’s really fond of Nunziato Field Dog Park and Gold Star Mother’s, so be on the look out for him! After a busy day on the job, we promise to reward him with some “dogtails” during Yappier Hour at the Liberty Hotel. Hope to see you there!

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Runners! We LOVE You! Let’s celebrate!

Existing Runners, We LOVE you! It’s high time we held a party in your honor!

Celebrate good times. Come on!

Celebrate good times. Come on!


Runner Applicants! You applied to be a Runner with RunMyErrand and the wait is over! Come party with RunMyErrand and get set up as a new Runner on the spot!

RunMyErrand is now accepting new Runners and we are rolling out the green carpet for all of our Runners!

On Thursday March 4th from 5-7pm RunMyErrand will be hosting a Runner Rally Party! Come eat, drink and make merry with us as we sign up new Runners, hang out with our tried and true Runners and eat cupcakes!

There will be Swag Bags and a Raffle!

There will be food and merriment!

Come meet the faces behind RunMyErrand and ask all the questions you like!

Our Chief Inspiration Officer, Kobe, will be joining us as a representative from the puppy community. Also on hand will be Leah Busque, Founder and President of RunMyErrand, and Amanda Connor, Community Manager of RunMyErrand.

Come party with us and take 5 minutes to get set up as a new Runner. No waiting!

Please RSVP to Amanda@RunMyErrand.com. We look forward to getting jiggy with you!

Where: 2 Canal Park (right next to Cambridgeside Galleria Mall) – 5th Floor