Introducing Emerson “Em” Busque

We’re very excited to introduce you to Emerson “Em” Busque. This strapping young pup is the newest addition to Team TaskRabbit. It’s no easy Task being a puppy in this office — it’s a whole lot of responsibility to inspire, delight, and lick the faces of everyone who picks you up. And just ask Em — people will not stop picking him up. Can you blame us? Look at that mug:
Give Em a shout on Twitter @EmBusque.

83 Comments Add yours

  1. Mitchell says:

    Cute pup!

  2. Are we allowed to do volunteer tasks, like sneaking Em some treats?

  3. Derek Cap says:

    Hi there Em!

  4. Gerald Parker says:

    Hello Em! Very handsome puppy!!

  5. greg says:

    hi emerson

  6. Tony Yu says:

    hello em!!!

  7. Dustin Wang says:

    It’s easy to resist one or two cute pictures, but a dozen? You, sir pup, do not play fair.

  8. Georgiana says:

    That is one adorable pup!!!

  9. Deb Ostojic says:

    Awe, puppy! So adorable. Em, you appear to be a VERY neighborly puppy. We should meet sometime! Good boy!

  10. amir2001 says:

    Hi Emerson. You are adorable, makes me want a dog like you:)

  11. dawww! What a cute puppy!

  12. Kristina says:

    Hi Em!! Can’t wait to meet you!!!

  13. iasia says:

    Hi Em, I wish I wish I had a puppy

  14. Kesha Dirkson says:

    Happy hump day, Emerson! Be sure to walk, run, woof & play!

  15. Zara says:

    Hi Em, My little boys wish they had a puppy like you to romp around with!

  16. Melissa says:

    Super adorable! OMG!

  17. Sripad Kota says:


  18. Krysta says:

    Hi Emerson.Nice to meet you.

  19. Hello Emerson, love that puppy playfulness.

  20. Luba says:

    Hi Emerson, you are a beautiful animal! one day I would like to hug you and scratch your back. I hope we can become BFF!!!

  21. Camille says:

    Hey Emerson!

  22. Laura H says:

    Hello Emerson! What a wonderful addition you are to the TR office :) What is your favorite treat?

  23. Sara says:

    Hi Emerson! Such a joyful addition!

  24. Andrew says:

    Such a cute little guy!! Hi Emerson, would you like a teat?

  25. Vivian says:

    Hi Emerson!! :)

  26. kelli says:

    Very Cute! Hi Buddy!

  27. J says:

    hey ya Emerson – don’t have too much fun at work!

  28. Martha says:

    Hi Emerson, Any new photos of you?

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