Sweet 16: Best Tasks Around the Country

We got swept up in bracket fever and have pitted 16 TaskRabbit cities against each other in a battle for best task. We picked our favorite 8, and now it’s up to you to determine the winner. Tweet @TaskRabbit and let us know your pick for the city with the best task, including #SweetTask.sweet16_hero

New York: Find the guy I met on a plane yesterday

San Francisco: Deliver cookies to my (hopefully!) future roommates

Los Angeles: Impersonate me at a birthday party

Boston: Cover my friend’s office in post-it notes

Washington, D.C.: Set up a Skype date for my long-distance romance

Dallas: Score tickets to the national football championships

Atlanta: Help me set up seasonal yard decorations

Chicago: Wait in line for rare case of beer

As you can see, we can help you with so much more than your home services. Whatever you need, we can help.


This is one of the sweetest apology notes we’ve ever seen. Amanda is a NYC-based Client who needed to apologize to her boyfriend, and she went over the top with sugar-coated words. She sent Tasker Nicole on a mission to make amends to her sweetheart by instructing her to buy candy with unique messages attached.

  1. Jack’s Links Beef Jerky with a note saying “I’ve been such a JERK”
  2. A bag of Hershey Kisses with note “A hundred kisses from me to you”
  3. A bag of SourPatch Kids with note  “I was only kidding around, didn’t mean for it to turn sour”
  4. A pack of Sweetarts with a note “You’re my only sweetheart”
  5. Baby Bell cheese wheels with note “I don’t care if this is a little cheesy”
  6. A pack of nerds “I know I’m a little nerdy”
  7. A Skor bar “I’ve skored with you as my bf”
  8. Now and laters “I love you now and will always love you later”
  9. A bottle of Mountain Dew “I’ll Dew whatever it takes”
  10. Swedish Fish “You’re the only Fish for me”
  11. Bag of lollipops- “My life would suck without you”


The sweetest news of all is that the apology goody bag worked and Amanda is back in her boyfriend’s good graces. Let’s hope she also included a toothbrush in the bag. We love seeing all the creative ways you’re using TaskRabbit to get things done!


Absence might make the heart grow fonder, but long distance relationships are tough! Luckily, technology can help bridge the distance, and one of our Clients recently used TaskRabbit to let his lady know that he was thinking of her from afar. He hired a Tasker to deliver a bottle of wine, a rose, and a card that said, “Up for a Skype date Saturday at 8pm?” Such a thoughtful way to stay in touch — here’s hoping they can meet up IRL soon!



White&Gold, Black&Blue, Couch/Sofa…

The color of a dress was last month’s big question. This month: is it a couch or is it a sofa?

That’s what we asked our data scientists to uncover in how clients ask Taskers for help with those big, comfy, cushiony things in your living rooms.

Answer: It depends where you live.

Of all US Tasks, clients are 2X more likely to use the word “couch” than sofa” when posting moving help Tasks. Londoners on the other hand were significantly more inclined to ask for help with their “sofa.” In fact, “sofa” was 10x more common than “couch” in moving help-related tasks.

Of course, there were a few exceptions to the US’ “couch rule.” Atlantans were less inclined to use couch.

Unfortunately, our data scientists couldn’t agree on the color of the dress.



TaskRabbit Upgrades Your SXSW Networking Game with Moo Business Card Deliveries

SXSW is the holy grail of networking parties — but not if you left your business cards back at the office. Never fear…TaskRabbit is here!
In partnership with Moo, TaskRabbit is delivering your business cards so can rest assured your newfound friend will remember to schedule that career-defining business meeting after the bands pack up and your hangover wears off.
If you’re at SXSW, look out for Taskers in green shirts who will also be handing out MOO SXSW Survival kits, worth almost $170. Before you know it you could be whizzing from A to B with Zipcar and Uber, finding yourself inspired by Inc and Surface magazines and even getting your new Squarespace website up and running in the time it takes to queue for one of Austin’s famous breakfast tacos (almost). 
Happy Tasking, #SXSW!



The next time you leave the office for the weekend, you might want to think twice about the state of your workspace when you return. One of our Clients decided to prank a co-worker during his absence from the office, enlisting a Tasker to help him decorate the friend’s office in multi-colored post-it notes to announce his 40th birthday. We’re impressed —the artistry evident in the photos speaks for itself! Whether your to-do list is filled with errands or harmless pranks, we’re here to help.



The long, cold winter nights in London are made merry by hanging out with friends,  celebrating birthdays, and re-enacting TV shows. One of our Clients, Charli, has a friend who is obsessed with The Apprentice, so Charli made her friend’s birthday party even more entertaining by hiring a Tasker to pretend to be an Apprentice contestant. London-based Tasker Tim was up for the challenge, dressing up in a natty suit with red tie and bantering with the group as they barraged him with questions. This group of friends has serious video editing skills, producing their own personalized trailer for the show.


We really enjoy all the ways people use TaskRabbit to get things done, either serious or silly. Whatever you need done, we can help.