Yes you can have that all-American backyard barbecue!

We know, we know — you’re looking at your yard and withering in despair like that rush bush you forgot to water and is now just an angry tangle of thorny branches. Your deck hasn’t seen a finish in years, your raised planters are either overgrown or barren, and you don’t even want to think about the dismal state of your grill.

And to imagine … you’d once had such big dreams. Such honey-colored fantasies of afternoons laughing with friends, flipping burgers, and sipping beer, while the kids played on the lawn with the dog.

TaskRabbit wants you to stop dreaming:

There’s so much more you can count on TaskRabbit to help with — check out some of our featured tasks.


The biggest celebration of the summer is almost here … and you haven’t done any party planning besides sending out those Facebook invites, have you?

No worries, we’re here for you. If you want to actually enjoy the Fourth of July festivities instead of stress out about them, there are reliable, talented, and skilled Taskers ready to help you out:

  • Let’s start at the beginning. If you’re trying to go from zero to fireworks, check out Taskers who are available for event research and planning.These Taskers are even available to work remotely, making it more convenient for you.
  • If you’ve already got your prep under control but you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to transport cases of beer back home or when you’re going to get a chance to pick up the catering, leave it to a Tasker to take care of delivering the party essentials for you.
  • And how are you going to set the scene? Hire a Tasker skilled at curating and building a party atmosphere that will linger with your guests long after the celebration is over.
  • If you’d rather hand over the barbecuing and bartending to someone else so you can spend more time actually socializing with your friends, there are Taskers who’ve got your back.
  • And when it’s all over, get the help of a Tasker so you don’t have to tackle cleanup alone.

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy Fourth of July! Check us out for all your party-throwing needs!



Six hours and more than 300 miles later, a Client in Los Angeles was able to board his international flight thanks to TaskRabbit, after he committed one of the greatest travel mistakes of all time — forgetting his passport.

Jon — from San Francisco (where his passport remained) but in Los Angeles when he needed help — called us en route to the airport to let us know how we managed to save his flight.

Just prior to calling us, Jon retrieved his passport from the front desk at the hotel where Tasker Loren had checked in after flying down from San Francisco with Jon’s very important travel document. Jon had flown down to Los Angeles the day before, and upon realizing he’d left his passport in San Francisco (as opposed to his heart), he hopped on TaskRabbit, hoping he wouldn’t end up having to change or miss his flight entirely. Within ten minutes, Loren was on the case. At Jon’s request, Loren found the passport in Jon’s home, then booked a flight, and was down in LA in just enough time to hand the passport off to Jon.

We really need that trans-California high speed rail. Paging Elon Musk!

Jon called us as he was walking to his gate, positively gushing over Loren’s incredible commitment to the task. He said Loren “saved his life” and that if he could give the Tasker “ten stars instead of five,” he would.

Remember to keep TaskRabbit handy for those last minute emergencies! If you haven’t already, make sure to download the latest version of our app for iPhone and for Android … you know, just in case.



San Francisco Pride kicks off this weekend and we’re proud to let our rainbow flag fly high.

Cities all over the United States have been celebrating Pride month throughout June. Los Angeles showed its colors last weekend, and TaskRabbit was there to help.

Alex in West Hollywood not only hired a Tasker to help with his Pride festivities, but he’s a Tasker as well! So when he needed a little assistance with one of the most important LGBT events of the year, he knew he could count on TaskRabbit. According to Alex, Tasker Sofia helped him create a Pride party no one wanted to end.

Not only did Sofia pick up and deliver all the drinks and decorations for Alex’s party, she helped him curate an event that included a custom cupcake making station, a rainbow flower arrangement, bottomless mimosas, and a costume bag. Why weren’t we invited?

But the tasking didn’t end there. When Alex needed another pair of hands to help clean up the aftermath, he hired Tasker Nikki.

Inspired by Alex’s successful TaskRabbit story, we thought we’d share some suggestions for how we can help you with your San Francisco Pride weekend:

  • If you haven’t even started planning your SF Pride party, then what are you waiting for! Hire a Tasker to help research, plan, and organize your festivities. Bam — done!
  • If you’ve got everything planned out, but need help obtaining your party gear, a Tasker with a car can do your shopping for you and deliver it right to your front door.
  • But okay, what if you’ve got the booze, you’ve got the food, and you need help setting up the decor? Yup, there’s a Tasker for that.
  • And if you’ve already got your decoration under control and just need some extra help bartending and serving food? An experienced Tasker is ready to help.

How can TaskRabbit help you this Pride weekend?



Despite our name, it was a dog who inspired TaskRabbit.

It was a cold night in Boston in 2008 when TaskRabbit founder, Leah Busque, realized she was out of food for her 100-pound Labrador, Kobe. We’ve all been there — caught up in our busy lives, we realize we forgot that one thing on our shopping list just as we get home from the grocery store. Leah found herself wishing she could rely on a neighbor to pick up Kobe’s food — or come by to help with a home repair or lend a hand with the yard work — and so TaskRabbit was born.

This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and with the dog days of summer officially upon us, we thought we’d take a look at how TaskRabbit can help you look after your best four-legged friend:

  • Whether you’re at work all day or you’re recovering from an injury or surgery that keeps you off your feet, a trusted Tasker can take your dog out for walks for you.
  • Getting away for the weekend this summer? Hire a pet sitting Tasker to check up on your dog, take her out for walks, and make sure she has fresh food and clean water.
  • If you’re out of dog food or need someone to run to your dog’s vet to pick up a prescription, there’s probably a Tasker ready to help you shop and deliver your dog’s needs right to your front door.
  • We know that living with dogs can mean a little extra dirt and fur in your home. No worries! You can hire a Tasker to do a deep clean of your carpets.

There are lots more ways TaskRabbit can help you and your dog spend more time together, so check out all our available services.



We hope you had a great Father’s Day over the weekend with whomever fulfills that father figure role to you. Maybe it was your biological father, maybe it was your mother who wore both hats, or maybe it was a family friend who stepped in to provide resources and guidance — whoever it was, we hope you had a chance to celebrate.

And here at TaskRabbit, we’re overjoyed that we could help some of you make this weekend special:

  • In Los Angeles, Tasker Thandeka helped a Client deliver her dad’s favorite donuts to him on Sunday when she couldn’t do so in person.
  • Meanwhile in LA, a Client got the help of Tasker Jenny when it came to making Father’s Day special. Jenny picked up everything one would need for the perfect barbecue — including beer — and delivered it to the Client’s dad.
  • Barbecues turned out to be a popular theme for Father’s Day deliveries. When an injury prevented a Client from visiting his dad over the weekend, Tasker Kelly assembled a delivery of all the best BBQ items.
  • Up in the Bay Area, Tasker Tania made sure a Client’s father got the gift her son made for him, and over on the east coast, Tasker Amelia picked up a dad’s favorite liquor and delivered the gift with a handwritten note.

Need help delivering a gift even when you can’t do it yourself? We’re here to help!



So Sunday was the very first day of summer and we’re more than happy to welcome the longer days and warmer weather.

What we’re not stoked about is getting a sunburn, which, for many of us, is almost inevitable no matter how much or how often we apply our sunscreen.Of course we recommend not getting sunburned in the first place. However, if and when it happens, you can depend on TaskRabbit to help you get the relief you need.

For a Client in New York, a bad sunburn almost made the weekend a disaster. After ordering some aloe vera from Amazon, he decided could’t wait until the next day, so he hired Tasker Kyle to get the highest quality treatment: A fresh stalk of aloe vera from a local health food store.

Kyle was able to pick up the aloe vera and deliver it to the Client in just a couple of hours to start soothing the burn immediately.

Note quite ready for summer? Hire a Tasker to make a run to the drugstore and make sure you’ve got everything you need to survive the sun! And don’t forget to wear sunscreen!